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"Hi, welcome to your new summer job at the new and improved Freddy Fazbender's pizza! I just want to ask you...what's wrong with you?!" "You're in a town with 15 available jobs and yet you still pick the one with the killer robots that gives you less than minimum wage?"


"Well, okay. Welcome to 1987."

Here's my twitter! Go check it out, I guess.


This is a satirical take on the FNaF series where instead of hanging around during the night like a nightguard or a hooligan, you're there at an even scarier time. DURING THE DAY.

D(ay)S(hift) a(t) F(reddy's) (or DSAF) is a visual novel and you use dialogue options and a map to navigate the pizzeria, each room has many activities for you to complete. You spend 5 days at Freddy's. You DO have choices and those choices do have consequences. There's 11 endings, each with varying degrees of pain, suffering and death. Also, Breadbear.

"What do I do during the day?" I hear you ask. Well, you can:

  • Sort through drawings to put on the walls!
  • Talk to Phone Guy.
  • Murder children dressed as an infamous movie character!
  • Scrounge around for change.
  • Play terrible minigames!
  • Exist in 1987.
  • Serve pizza with several toppings.
  • Wear springlock suits! -(this game was a mistake)
  • Eat salad, and then be fired for eating the aforementioned salad!

And more, because I clearly hate myself enough to make this. The game is complete, m80. Please, tell me what you think.

Scott for FNaF, respective owners for Stock images, ArmedChalko for Breadbear, Incompetech for music, Yanfly, MOG, Hime and Galv for misc coding, FufuTheGargoyle for sprite work, Everything_Animations for models, Rick Astley also. If I forget anyone, tell me calmly and without pitchforks...


"What program did you use to make this?" RPG Maker MV. It ain't free though.

"Android/Mac ports?" Nah.

"Can I make a DSaF fangame?" Sounds redundant. The answer is: Yes. IF: 1)It's clearly distinguishable from the originals and it's clear that it's a fangame of DSaF. Basically, "Dayshift at Freddy's: 3/4/SL" and "Dayshift at X" are not acceptable names, but almost everything else is. Basically, just be slightly original with the titles, please.

Also, you can use the renders from DSaF, and the stock images. You cannot use any of the Pixel Art in DSaF 1/2/3.

Also, credit me. Those are my only three conditions. Don't steal pixel art, don't use the "DSaF:X" title format and credit me.

"HOW DO I DO DAVE'S VOICE?!" Go to Voiceforge. Wiseguy. How you record it is your concern, I'm not going to do a tutorial for that. Google it, and don't ask here.

"Can I make an X port?" No. I don't allow DSaF 1/2/3 to be distributed for any reason.

"Can you add X?" Nah.

"Do you need a beta tester?" Nope.

"But, I won't/can't download the game." Talk to Itch.io about that. I don't run the website.

"Where can I find the OST?" You can't.

"The game won't save!" I've answered this question a million times. Firstly, make sure you actually extracted the game. Yes? Now, google RPG Maker games not saving. This issue is on your end, not mine. It's a PC permissions error 90% of the time.

"I have a question that's answered here, in the FAQ, but I feel the need to ask you the question, because I don't like the answer listed here."

I hate you.



dayshift-at-freddy-s.zip 264 MB


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me too

Hi DirectDoggo. Could I translate your game?
yii yiff yiff yiff yiff
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Man in the candy suit: ouch



 electrical trauma 

vast discomfort pain
vast discomfort 

oh god




I love the happiest day 


Hello There... Old sport

Urbysrgs twtvwtbj2tbtwbehhneug2tvwtgrn3y.4unfmtzmrauzs

Txiduehehshehehs .aa hahahahahaha spring locks ahhhhhhhhhhSpring lock failure

Directdoggo i hate your doggo'

I have your dfaf 1 and 2

Hey how i save, i go to saferoom but i try all buttons ant didnt works


Hi! This is an old game of mine, i don't support or bugfix it anymore. You should try Dialtown out, on my profile! It's free and 100% better than this game is.

We all know dailtown programing better but we all know it will never be big as day shift


Well, yeah, that's a realistic possibility and you're right, it probably won't. But, Dialtown can do things that DSaF could never do. DSaF couldn't even be on Steam, legally, which is the largest game distribution website on the net.

Dialtown can also be ported to other devices, later down the road, from Switch to Mobile, which fangames obviously cannot. So... Thanks for your input, though it doesn't exactly help me in any way. The true answer as to whether or not DT can live up to DSaF is whether or not people actually give it a chance. Here's its trailer:

As you can see, Dialtown also has better character designs, visuals, music, you name it. Whether or not Dialtown does well depends solely on whether or not people give it the chance! I appreciate the feedback, but honestly, saying that this is a doomed venture doesn't help me. If you appreciated the years of work I did providing FREE content for everyone to enjoy on Gamejolt/Itch, then sharing Dialtown with your friends is the best way to say thanks :)

Hi Directdoggo, 

thank you for that trailer,  actually I did not really get what the game is about. I am really interested in the game mechanics, that make Dailtown special, and why it is fun. Do you have a trailer for that, too?

I think if you showed us the benefits of Dailtown in the trailer a lot of people would  probably buy it (otherwise it is just a blackbox. nobody buys blackboxes, do they?)

thank you in advance and keep it up! 



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...the name of the game is Dialtown. The plot is also summarized on the demo page.

...Did you even visit the page?

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i hate your doggo's and you too

Its funny that in the game old sport types mean stuff to DirectDoggo

DirectDoggo if you see this, i have to thank you. Your DSaF series is so hilarious and one of the pest game series i have ever played, no joke, especially the last one. (i actually cried at the end)

Thank you for this wonderful, and hilarious creation you have made.

hi reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I wish I could download it on phone


ur gaem gay m80 lol



is this a real person or just from the god damn game on dsaf 2 cause im fucking confused

haha you actually said it

old sport you absolute madman

which button do you press to save? i've tried enter and i've tried to click but i always have to start all over again when i die

go to the saferoom

By going to the safe room


I love you're stuff,its really fun,my favorite character should be Dave.

What would you say is the age rating in case I post this on YouTube? I want to be sure it’s family friendly so that I can play it. 

its uh

not very 'family friendly'

Watch YouTube videos on it

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Can i make mobile ports for dsaf 1/2/3?

Ik how to port rpg maker mv projects to mobile i just need the developer files to port it

"Can I make an X port?" No. I don't allow DSaF 1/2/3 to be distributed for any reason."


how do i play it on my mac?

you can't its for windows only

mac sucks M80


???? is it for macos 

please tell meh it is!

i'm sorry but its for windows only


Wait why are some of the characters voice from goainmate

How do you play this


you download it, mkay.


can you put this for play store


I like the games but the way your saying stuff makes you look like a jerk


how do you save? what do you press

Saferoom. Go to the saferoom

I need it then 2 then 3

boi ive seen multiple vids of this game. cant wait to play :D

it just said cant open page after i downloaded it

why do i keep getting errors in this game


Am I allowed to create a DSaF fangame if I give you credit?

Read the FAQ's

cool game

why hello dere' old sprot

o l d s p o r t

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Oh shit waddup, old sport