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"Hi, welcome back to Freddy Fazbender's Pizza! W-Wait... A-Aren't the police after you?! What are you DOING HERE?! "Uh, whatever! We need staff, alright? Things haven't been easy for us since what happened in Colorado...and Arizona...And Reno...A-

"We can depend on YOU to look after things, right? 1987 is almost over, and nobody has been bitten...yet... We need you to make sure the place stays open and the company isn't destroyed forever. This is our last chance, employee..."


D(ay)s(hift) a(t) F(reddy's) II or DSAF 2, is the direct sequel to the infamous DSaF 1! Once again, you must survive a week as a suited worker at Freddy Fazbender's Pepperoneri in the year of 1987 (months after the events of DSaF 1!) Once again, you must wear ridiculous looking suits, give out cake to screaming toddlers and get through the week without being killed (or worse: fired!)

This time though, Freddy's is bigger, has more possessed, mucus dripping robots, and has even more choices to make, most with bizarrely consequential... ...consequences... Powerful forces are at work and Freddy Fazbender's Pizza has one last chance before they're shut down for good.

This is your last chance to make things right. Or kill more kids and hang out with Aubergine Man. Whatever sounds the best to you, heh.

"Well, what's new?" I hear you ask! Why, there's plenty new, old sport:

  • Now, you get TWO warnings before you're fired! Unless you do something really bad in broad daylight...
  • The plot is more complex! You can help Purple Guy, Phone Guy, the Puppet... Everyone has a goal here, and this is Freddy's last chance before they get shut down for good.
  • There's a music box that you've gotta wind down now.
  • A new soundtrack! More outrageous music box songs!
  • Also, a more complex springlock system. These things are dangerous and WILL kill you.
  • An equipment system where you can equip weapons in your hand.
  • This isn't a prequel. This is a direct continuation and may spell the end of Freddy Fazbender's.

This game series has grown bigger than I ever dreamed it would've and I'm going to spend time making the sequel big, fun and worth playing. If you like DSaF 1, then you should love the sequel.

Doggo out.

Scott for FNaF, FufuTheGargoyle and GlitchedPie for some of the fine pixel art seen in DSaF 2, GlitchedPie, Fufu, Belfastlad, Robb, TheShadowQuill and JuniorGenius for testing, TheWholiganOfGallifrey for help with a surprise in-game, respective owners for Stock images, ArmedChalko for Breadbear, Incompetech for music, Yanfly, MOG, Hime and Galv for misc coding, Everything_Animations, Red_Eye, Quitiix, Mistberg and Nanori for models, Rick Astley also. If I forget anyone, tell me calmly and without pitchforks...


"What program did you use to make this?" RPG Maker MV. It ain't free though.

"Android/Mac ports?" Nah.

"Can I make a DSaF fangame?" Sounds redundant. The answer is: Yes. IF: 1)It's clearly distinguishable from the originals and it's clear that it's a fangame of DSaF. Basically, "Dayshift at Freddy's: 3/4/SL" and "Dayshift at X" are not acceptable names, but almost everything else is. Basically, just be slightly original with the titles, please.

Also, you can use the renders from DSaF, and the stock images. You cannot use any of the Pixel Art in DSaF 1/2/3.

Also, credit me. Those are my only three conditions. Don't steal pixel art, don't use the "DSaF:X" title format and credit me.

"HOW DO I DO DAVE'S VOICE?!" Go to Voiceforge. Wiseguy. How you record it is your concern, I'm not going to do a tutorial for that. Google it, and don't ask here.

"Can I make an X port?" No. I don't allow DSaF 1/2/3 to be distributed for any reason.

"Can you add X?" Nah.

"Do you need a beta tester?" Nope.

"But, I won't/can't download the game." Talk to Itch.io about that. I don't run the website.

"Where can I find the OST?" You can't.

"The game won't save!" I've answered this question a million times. Firstly, make sure you actually extracted the game. Yes? Now, google RPG Maker games not saving. This issue is on your end, not mine. It's a PC permissions error 90% of the time.

"I have a question that's answered here, in the FAQ, but I feel the need to ask you the question, because I don't like the answer listed here."

I hate you.


dayshift-at-freddy-s-2.zip 465 MB


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I am so happy to play this game by myself! Thank you for creating it :)

How can you play it?

download the zip file and extract it

Wow Your Game Is Incredible

thanks, though this isn't even my best work by a long shot. Check my profile for Dialtown, which is a similar style game, and shares a few characters, but is far more polished!

also how many endings are there

i love your dsaf games but could you make more kid freindly ones

Nah. I'm working on Dialtown right now. Go check it out on my profile.

My Game Keeps Getting Errors And I do enjoy it but bored at the sametime

Why isnt it available on Windows?

thank for beautiful game

can u add it for android or at least chromebook

I am trying, but cant. Sorry.

i played the game a little bit then it says unknown error?

me to

I'm downloading it rn 

and I'm hoping that its gonna let me run it 

Why isnt it workng on playing the game im trying to play it on ipad and it says that its downloading but i cant play it

you need a pc i think

Why won’t Matt sell me anything?

i watch people play this game and its very funny


yall im just getting forbidden errors when i try to download the file :(
anyone else?

did you ever download the game? im having the same problem ;(


thank you for making this. I now call my friend 'old sport' and my friend calls me dave. you is amaze. much thanks x 99999999999999999 also borf x 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

doggo 4 life bye


I absolutely love this game! there is lots of love and effort put into it, with just the small right amount of lore AND comedy! 10/10, would play every game you make

I love how you put so much effort into the game. Loving it. <3


directdoggo plz add dsaf3 to itch.io I tried gamejolt but it wont work for me and I want to play it plz put it

how do i install



niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice m8

hi hey want to collaborate with you to create a game like yours and I'm starting to create a similar one and so I ask you a coraboracion to create the game is fine if you can not good and if you think I'm making a copy just tell me and I'll cancel my project

(1 edit)

 I cant download it nor i cant find the page to ask itch.io about the issue.

Edit: Tried with the other games, it still doesn't work

hey DirectDoggo. I need help with the Error that i get when i fight the fredbear it says:


Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property "width" of null

                                For more information, push F8

plz help


it gud

This had to be done. I could not stop laughing at some of the scenes. I was crying. Please make the third one great! 


Best. Game. Ever.


Hi direct doggo your the best spend all the time you need on dsaf three itll be worth it.