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ur gaem gay m80 lol



which button do you press to save? i've tried enter and i've tried to click but i always have to start all over again when i die

go to the saferoom

I love you're stuff,its really fun,my favorite character should be Dave.

What would you say is the age rating in case I post this on YouTube? I want to be sure it’s family friendly so that I can play it. 

its uh

not very 'family friendly'

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Can i make mobile ports for dsaf 1/2/3?

Ik how to port rpg maker mv projects to mobile i just need the developer files to port it

"Can I make an X port?" No. I don't allow DSaF 1/2/3 to be distributed for any reason."


how do i play it on my mac?

you can't its for windows only

mac sucks M80


???? is it for macos 

please tell meh it is!

i'm sorry but its for windows only


Wait why are some of the characters voice from goainmate

How do you play this


you download it, mkay.


can you put this for play store


I like the games but the way your saying stuff makes you look like a jerk


how do you save? what do you press

Saferoom. Go to the saferoom

I need it then 2 then 3

boi ive seen multiple vids of this game. cant wait to play :D

it just said cant open page after i downloaded it

why do i keep getting errors in this game


Am I allowed to create a DSaF fangame if I give you credit?

Read the FAQ's

cool game

why hello dere' old sprot

o l d s p o r t

O shit waddup!

Shit is a bad word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!